Whistleblowing systems

Langer Pfeil

HEROSE GmbH is committed to compliance with the law. Internal and external whistleblowers can report suspected violations of rules and laws at any time.

This can be done (also anonymously) by telephone, letter and mail. HEROSE GmbH will investigate every indication and, if necessary, take appropriate measures. HEROSE GmbH will protect the justified interests of the whistleblower. Each whistleblower will receive feedback on his or her submission within a short period of time.

Information can be submitted directly to HEROSE GmbH, any superior of HEROSE GmbH and the Compliance Officer mentioned below. In addition, every whistleblower can also contact the relevant government authorities in addition or as an alternative.

Contact Compliance officer:
Attorney at law
Dr. Philipp Engelhoven
Esche Schümann Commichau
Am Sandtorkai 44, 20457 Hamburg
Mail: hinweisgeber.HEROSE@esche.de
Fon: 0049 40 36805-119